The Kronos Quartet with 22 Inuit Throat Songs! This probably proves that I am weird but seriously - what could be better. This CD, composed by Canadian Derek Charke, has a strong environmental theme. You can listen to a track here. And you can learn how to throat sing here. Rush in and grab it before I take it home myself. 


Anti-War Songs - Live Performance on May 27

Did you know that a popular anti-war song was banned in Australia? "I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier, I brought him up to be my pride and joy. (Listen to the song here) Who dares to place a musket on his shoulder to shoot some other mother's darling boy?" These powerful lyrics so incensed the Hughes government (at the time campaigning hard for conscription) that the song was declared illegal. Regardless of whether or not we will be breaking the law, that song, along with ten others featured in the

 "Fighting for Peace"exhibition, will be performed at 6.30pm on Wednesday 27th May. Phone the shop for details, or keep in touch with other events we're offering for History Month as they develop here.

Books - Anzac's Long Shadow and The Power of Humanity

It is the centenary of World War 1 and although the majority of the commentary could give the impression that it is a necessary and noble business it is in fact a mess. The Red Cross is the greatest of the institutions dedicated to mending the bodies, burying the dead and rebuilding the relationships torn apart by the barbarism of war.  The Power of Humanity is the first history of the Australian Red Cross.  This handsome hardcover book is available for the special price of $40 in May plus $7 postage.  You can order it here


The myth of ANZAC is a shadow rather than a shining light (not his exact words) for Australia's servicemen and women according to James Brown. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan so he ought to know. He questions why we are spending more than the United Kingdom on commemorating World War 1 and why we are spending more on the myth than on services for the many wounded and traumatised soldiers returning from campaigns overseas. On sale for $20 during May because we like to make thinking affordable. This handsome hardcover book is available for the special price of $40 in May plus $4 postage.  You can order it here