Patteh, the Art of Persian Embroidery.

Patteh, the Art of Persian Embroidery. Discover the skill and beauty of the ancient Persian art of embroidery. Works created and selected by Akhtar Esmailzadeh will feature in an exhibition opening at John Davis Music on Thursday March 26 at 6pm. Persian tea and Shiraz will be available.


Apparently we just had the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Did you notice? I don't mean did you catch a show. I mean did you notice the debate, the intellectual excitement, the community gatherings that once characterised our biennial Festivals.

You didn't of course, because Mad March has become a messy mud wrestle, a food fight, an orgy of events and attractions, and you can't think very clearly in an orgy - or so I'm told.
Sure it's great to have the buzz, the balmy summer nights full of life but now, more than ever, we need the chance to reflect, to take in great thoughts, to immerse ourselves in an artistic experience. Instead we have a cultural Grand Bouffe which barely allows time for one dish to settle before we shovel in another. 

March has come to resemble the 1970s; if you can remember anything you probably weren't really there.

Perhaps it's time to move the Festival of Arts to a quieter time of year. That way we can still have the Mad March Party and linger over a more subtle artistic stew at another time. There wouldn't be much competition in July. We could sit, and shiver, think big thoughts, feel deeply and have intense discussions over a glass of mead.

I'd be in it.