The Gargoyle's Ephemeris - A Calendar for Dark Times

Coal is good for us, Ebola is over there and therefore ignored, asylum seekers are sent like convicts to distant prison Islands, we are all terrified of terrorists - truly these are dark times. You can either let it get you down or see the black humour in these dark times with  "the Gargoyle's Ephemeris", (that's an old term for calendar).

The Gargoyle's Ephemeris, beautifully illustrated by Deborah Baldassi, will be launched at John Davis Music at 6.30 on November 11. It will retail for $25. "The Gargoyle's Ephemeris" will be on sale at John Davis Music and online.

You can see several of the illustrations from the calendar below. See you on November 11.

Terra Australis

Lifters and Leaners

No Room at the Inn