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MEDIA RELEASESunday, 8 February 2015

Artist's plea to Libs:
"Keep Abbott so I can make fun of him!" 

While the rest of Australia turns away from Abbott in hordes, the beleaguered PM has gained one unlikely supporter.

Adelaide artist, businesswoman, and staunch progressive Deborah Baldassi released a calendar just before Christmas, criticizing the PM through darkly satirical illustrations.

"When I first decided to do the calendar, I thought we could expect at least a couple of years of Abbott. This calendar was a much-needed outlet for my frustrations, and a way for others to vent theirs."

Baldassi was just as shocked as the rest of Australia at the news that the PM had knighted Prince Philip a few days ago. "Initially, I was just annoyed at the timing. I mean, I only finished the artwork in November. If he was going to screw up so completely, why did he have to do it after my printing deadline?"

However, after the recent media speculation about Abbott's impending demise, Baldassi's plans are up in the air. "My Abbott calendar, 'The Gargoyle's Ephemeris', is a beautiful piece of work and if they dump him now I'll never sell them.

"So I'm calling on the Liberals to put their money where their mouth is and support small business. Keep Abbott as PM for another month, just so I can sell these calendars."

Deborah Baldassi is the owner of John Davis Music, a retailer and producer of music, art, books and craft. 

Photo opportunities

  • an 8-foot wooden cutout depicting Tony Abbott as gargoyle
  • hundreds of A3 full colour calendars that can be spread for a photograph. 

For media comment call Deborah on 8232 8287 between 9am and 6pm or on 0419 723 204.